Welcome 2 CHARLES L MYRICK NET a one stop site for deals, services, entertainment,and news. The CHARLES L MYRICK NET site is a creation of Charles Myrick,President and CEO of American Consultants Rx,Inc.Since 2003 Charles Myrick ,announced the release of the American Consultants Rx community service project which consisted of millions of free discount prescription cards donated to over 50k organizations across America to be distributed to millions of Americans in need.

For over 14 years demand for more savings and services in other areas like food,clothing,school supplies,employment assistance, etc. constantly flooded to the office of Mr. Myrick. Instead of standing by and do nothing, Mr. Myrick personally reached out to many of the top companies in retail,business,and services to find key programs for people in need of saving money which is why CHARLES L MYRICK NET was created. CHARLES L MYRICK NET is comprised of many key companies who offer top deals and services to benefit those in need of saving money and time.

As with anything our focus is more on finding key deals rather than having a slick appearance. Stay tuned that is coming later! Please bookmark and pass it on to your friends!